Saturday, January 6, 2007

Donald Trump's book and many, many phone calls to make

Thoughts on Reading Donald Trump's book "How to Get Rich" - or rather on listening to it on Audio Book.
I really enjoyed listening to this and ended up liking "The Donald" for the first time really and understanding what he is about - he is an individual and a straight talker etc. etc. - of course he's a Gemini and so am I (disclaimer: even tho I don't really believe in Astrology etc. blah blah blah) so perhaps that's why. However, I am an introverted Gemini and he is an extrovert obviously so there's the difference - in the net worth I mean! You lucky extroverts - you actually enjoy making money.
A few things that he said surprised/interested me specifically:
1. He said he likes to spend about 3 hours alone every day to think about what's going on etc.
2. He has a really good sense of humor.
3. When he went through his "A Week in the Life of Donald Trump" he talked (mostly it seemed to me) about making phone calls) and said he has to keep up his momentum with the phone calls as otherwise he can fall way behind - leaves the office for an hour etc. and comes back and there are already 22 phone calls to make - and these are just the phone calls that get through his screening processes!
What it meant to me or showed me was that this is life in the information/communication age - i.e I (and probably many others) have the same "issue" of keeping on top of phone calls - or "daily communications". However, I now realize that this is not necessarily a bad thing but rather the essence of "modern life" in the "information age".
So now when I make a list of phone calls that I should make - family, friends, business, Craig's list etc. (DT talks about all these kinds of calls - and see how many of them there are - I don't get discouraged but rather realize that this is the nature of modern life - and heh! it's better than picking cotton! In other words, I realize what it is that I'm doing so I now have the motivation to go ahead and do it.
Thanks, Donald!. I'm now reading (reading not listening this time) another book of yours - Trump 101 - or rather starting it later today.